Emergency Makesafe Works

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Urban Building Solutions are available 24/7 to attend to any emergency / makesafe jobs that may require immediate attention.


Our experienced team know how to confidently distinguish between works that should be actioned as emergency / makesafe works to minimise damage and final cost, and works that can be left to deal with at a later date once the claim has been quoted and processed.


Urban Building Solutions were the chosen builder that attended the large factory fire at Rosehill in July 2013.

The team were on site within 1 hour and commenced all emergency / makesafe works required - this included large scale demolition and the erecting of temporary fencing


Some of the emergency / makesafe works that Urban Building Solutions can carry out are as follows:


  • Emergency structural supports
  • Asbestos removal & disposal
  • Tree removal
  • Demolition works
  • Emergency plumbing & electrical services
  • Securing of fire & flood damaged properties
  • Boarding up of doors & windows
  • Fire cleaning
  • Tarping of roofs
  • Installation & removal of temporary fencing & barriers

Please email our Makesafe department for more information: msaferestoration@urbanbuildingsolutions.com.au


 Call Urban Building Solutions 24/7 on 02 9793 9921